Commune was founded in 2014 and registered as a non-profit organization in Armenia. It was initially a collective of activists and contemporary artists who gathered around the ideals of communism. Commune aims to co-think new perceptions and forms of political struggle under such conditions as alienation and poverty in the contemporary world and Armenia in particular.

In 2015 commune got a financial support from National endowment for democracy ( for a two year program. This created an opportunity to form a common space (Hrachya Kochar 13/33) which was used as a platform and gathering place for people and initiatives with leftist views. In 2017, with funding from Heinrich Boell Foundation and in cooperation with “Network of Independent Journalists” NGO, it held the first leftist forum in Armenia. It was a three-day forum which gathered 49 activists, artists and theorists.

We view Commune’s platform as a common space for unprivileged and marginalized groups, who can come together for self-education self-organization, and make their voices heard and influence public opinion. Commune sees allies in feminist initiatives, queer activities, collectives and organizations dealing with worker’s rights and alternative knowledge.

Currently, Commune does not receive any funding; nonetheless, it continues operating as an activists’ and educational collective. We hold a reading group, panel discussions, public lectures, translations. We also provide a platform and space for the activities of like-minded (ally) initiatives.